Easter Sunday (Domingo de Páscoa)

Hi everyone,

Today is Easter Sunday. We are having record cold weather here in Denver, Colorado with snow, so the children’s Easter egg hunt will be moved indoors. My mother, the matriarch of the family, is planning a special egg hunt to augment the traditional hunt (with boiled and colored Easter eggs). Her egg hunt will use plastic eggs which she has filled with coins for a special treat for her great grandkids.

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There is a well visited tourist attraction in the area I am visiting called Red Rocks with an amphitheatre made from special type of red colored flagstone rocks. Traditionally on Easter, they offer a Sunrise Easter Service. The spectacular mountain view enhances the Easter religious experience.

Denver is the Mile High city because its altitude lies one mile above sea level. So, Denverites are one mile closer to Heaven than others–just kidding. hehe The air is noticeably thinner here at this high altitude. People who move here from lower altitudes can feel short of breath when they exert themselves physically (climbing stairs or hiking up the mountains). Athletes who trained here for the Olympics had an advantage because they were accustomed to performing in the thin air could compete well in the thin air and even better in air of normal density.

Denver is famous for the Rocky Mountains with its National Parks. White water rafting, skiing, mountain climbing, snow boarding, hiking, boating, fishing (mountain stream trout is delicious) are some activities that attract the locals and tourists as well. Last time I was here, I visited the grave of Buffalo Bill, an American rodeo performer, an authentic ghost town that has been restored, The Garden of the Gods, Cave of the Winds, Royal Gorge, and stayed in a cabin in Vale Colorado. Yes, there was a science conference in Vale where my husband was a speaker. All of our travels are linked to math conferences. Hehe I will be seeing some of you this May and June when my husband’s math travels bring him back to the math institute in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Have a blessed Easter, everyone!

ttyl (talk to you later),

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