Sexta Feira Santa (Good Friday) no Aeroporto

Oi galera, o texto abaixo foi escrito por Mary Ziller enquanto esparava seu vôo no aeroporto da Pensilvânia. Ela vai passar este feriado de Sexta-Feira Santa (Good Friday) na casa de sua mãe. Mary descreve um pouco o ambiente, o comportamento das pessoas e mais algumas detalhes que só seu olhar clínico pôde captar. O mais interessante foi que eu percebi que atrasos de vôo e passageiros descontentes não são exclusividade do Brasil. Boa viagem Mary! Confiram o texto abaixo.

When we arrive at the airport, there are long check-in lines. When we get to the check-in counter, we are told my flight has been cancelled. The next flight leaves in the evening, so I will be spending the day in the airport.

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Looking at the departure screen, I see there are flights I could take leaving sooner, so I go to the terminal where the next flight is leaving and ask at the desk if I can fly stand-by. I am told yes, if I go to the customer service desk in another terminal. There is not enough time to walk there, and the clerk cannot make the change for me via the phone. So, I miss that flight.

There is another flight scheduled for 45 minutes later. That should be enough time to get my plane ticket exchanged and reassigned. So, I go to the customer service desk in the other terminal. The customer service agent enters my changes in the computer, but does not have time to issue me a new boarding pass. She tells me I have to run to make the flight. So I do. I run to the next terminal, and I arrive in time.

When I go to check-in there, I am told that the flight was overbooked. There is no room for stand-bys. So, I am stranded here until this evening. I hope my flight this evening will not be cancelled.

How can I turn this stumbling block into a stepping stone?
First, I pop in my Caetano Veloso CD (in my laptop). Listening to Caetano clears my head and produces endorphins. When he gets to the song with the line, “estou-me a vir. I break out in a smile because my online friends have been helping me understand that line.
I am observing the people in the airport as they stroll by. Purposeful, directed, focused, driven. Not many smiles there. Maybe their flights were cancelled, too. Maybe they are business travelers missing their deadlines and scrambling to figure out how to do damage control.

See you!

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Mary Ziller

I'm Mary Ziller. I tutor ESL at the IHM Lteracy Center in Philadelphia. I lived a year in Brazil where I became certified to teach English as a Foreign language.

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