Expressões dos Seriados: Cancel on someone

Hi everyone! A expressão de hoje é “Cancel on someone”. Ela significa cancelar (um compromisso) com alguém. Confira abaixo os exemplos com áudio.

  • I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to cancel on you. Something’s come up. [ Desculpa, mas vou ter que cancelar com você. Houve um imprevisto. ]
  • Don’t you dare cancel on me on Saturday. [ Nem se atreva em cancelar comigo no sábado. ]

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Ebook Gírias & Expressões dos Seriados II (com áudio). Adir Ferreira e Tim Barrett (áudio). Ebooks do English Experts, 2012. 91 pág. [compre na Fórum de Idiomas Store]


Alessandro Brandão

Alessandro Brandão é coordenador caseiro do English Experts e do Fórum de idiomas. Trabalha também em projetos na área de Comércio Eletrônico e Ensino a Distância (EaD).

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  • 25/07/12  
    JOhnny Barreto diz: 1


  • 25/07/12  
    Jayscottlenjones diz: 2


    Wow! Thank you, my English is no doubt getting better since I stumbled across this blog. It helps me a lot with tips like these. You know, it’s like my vocabulary is kind of growing up, and I’d like to clear a question up with you, could you please reply me?

    Well, this is the question:

    I’ve been listening to songs like Part of Me by Katy Perry and The Sory of Us by Taylor Swift, but something went wrong on my mind when I listened to them and I went mental, I couldn’t stop thinking about them. And now I’d like to clear this question up here on your blog.

    The fact is that when I searched those songs’ lyrics in Portuguese I saw that Part of Me is something like Minha Parte, and The Story of Us is something like Nossa História. Why is it Part of Me and not My Part, why The Story of Us and not Our Story? Am I being dumb by asking it? Thank you!

    Gabriel Reis.

    • 27/07/12  
      João B. L. Ghizoni diz:

      Gabriel, since Alessandro must be very busy, I’ll try to help (and maybe later he’ll drop by to confirm what I say here or give you another answer).

      “Part of me” is not the same as “My part”. Look at this example: When you went away, you took part of me with you. It’s completely different from “…you took my part with you”. (By the level of your English I believe it’s not necessary to translate.) And you can’t take either lyrics or translations literally.

      As to the second title, the original form and the one you suggest mean the same, but the longer title sounds a bit more romantic. As you probably know, there is usually more than one form to say things. And people express their preferences when they speak or write.

      I hope I’ve been helpful.

    • 27/07/12  
      Alessandro diz:

      Hi João,

      I endorse your comment completely, and you are right I’ve been very busy these days.

      Have a nice weekend!

  • 25/07/12  
    Michele diz: 3

    I have to cancel on you because I have no money!

  • 25/07/12  
    Ariel diz: 4

    I canceled on you yesterday because I was very tired! Tonigth I’m going to meet you to talk about the problem!

  • 25/07/12  
    Tarcísio Couto Pereira diz: 5

    I have to cancel on you because i forgot the time.
    Son, don’t forget to cancel the consult.

  • 26/07/12  
    lorena diz: 6

    I’m going to cancel on him because I need to study tonight.

  • 26/07/12  
    Stan diz: 7

    once more….great tip!!!
    I don’t have to cancel the English Experts Project of my life……at no time !!!rssss

  • 27/07/12  
    David Corrêia diz: 8

    Like. (: