Como dizer "Vale night" em inglês

Zumstein 1 31 415
Autorização, permissão que o maridão/esposa dá/recebe da esposa/maridão pra cair na gandaia/passar a noite fora.

Tá em moda, tem em inglês?

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Thomas 7 60 290
Temos "girls' night", "men's night". Não passa a noite inteira fora se querem seguir casados. Vão ao cinema, jantam, jogam cartas, bebem cerveja...
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
I´m afraid not, you would not have any carte blanch for going out and getting away with it. Just ask Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the likes.

Or take a peek on People´s Mag., to see some nasty break up news. All due to such womanizing behaviors. I speak of the majority, there are some scattered cases, like the guy that had eleven spouses, but this is another story alltogether.

I think even in Brazil this is not well accepted, just tolerated when the wife has no other way out, or she depends entirely of know, he being the breadwinner. So, it´s disputable the notion of having fun going out, if the guy is steady with a girlfriend or is married.
At least it is my pov (point of view).
Hall Pass
Pink ticket: figurative pass entitling the holder to a free night out.