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Hello People, espero que alguém possa dar uma revisada básica, Thanks :D

My first computer was actually my sister, but I used to use the same way, It was one of those very old computers with a heavy and huge screen and a CPU that was not different.
I remember who spends most of time playing online, or when the old dial-up internet did not work, I used to play the computer games, as solitaire game and that pinball game, which was my favorite.
It is true that took a long time to turn on, without speaking of the time it took to get a good connection with the internet, and it had that unforgettable and annoying sound that's everyone heard once in life os dial-up internet.
Compared with computer of today was a simple computer, with almost no memory that I could not do anything, but that time was more cool and interesting thing a child as I could have.

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PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
My first computer was actually of my sister, but I used just the same. It was one of those very old ones, with a heavy and huge screen, as was the CPU too.
I remember (1) spending most of the time playing games online, or when the (2) dial-up connection had some/a problem I would (2) play the (offline/Windows) games on that computer, such as Solitaire or Pinball (my favorite one).
It took a long time to turn it on, not to mention the time it took to get connected with the internet, it was slow, it took ages to load a website, while it had that unforgettable (suggests nostalgia)...

/while it had all that line noise coming, tone, statics and all that jazz. Everyone was familiar with that sound at that time!

It was a very simple machine, compared with modern computers/compared with today´s computers. But even with almost no memory that limited me
not to do much, just run a few programs. Anyway, at that time it was the coolest and most interesting thing a child like me could have.

(1)maybe "I remember we spending"...but then you use "I used to play" next, so let´s leave it that way.
(2)in a way, dial-up connections are old, so we leave that information out.
(3) would, meaning it happened from time to time, so "you had a habit of playing" another game when the dial-up went on the fritz!

Dial-up sound, the Internet connection would be by (landline) phone, and needed a modem in-between, then connected to a PC.
To some of us, that was not long ago. :lol:

So, every time you wanted to use the Internet at the wee hours, you had to wake up a couple of neighbours, or your parents.
Thank you, PPAULO, your observations always saving !!
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
Thank you too, for being so kind. And for overlooking my mistakes, he hee.
But correcting myself...Nearby "would play" where it reads (2) [for the second time, ouch!] it should read (3).