Learning series: Partner with the encouragers – Part 2

Learning series:  Partner with the encouragers – Part 2

Quite some time ago I came across an article about Gloria Estefan and her experience as an English language learner when she was a child. Being the newest Latin American among several Americans in a classroom was awkward. She was new in the country, to the culture and to the language.

There was a boy who used to annoy her all the time. He just wanted to make things hard for her, make little of any improvement that she showed. However, the teacher was on her side. Mrs. Collins believed in Gloria and was more willing to see her progress than the boy who wanted to spoil everything. Her consistent support bypassed and put aside all the wrong Gloria was going through.

We all know that we need to run after what we want, but here and there we stop along the way. Sometimes it is a quick rest; other times it is such a long break that we end up giving up, changing direction, entering a cul­-de­-sac and thinking it is not worth the effort.

Há quanto tempo você estuda inglês? Já passou por sua cabeça que você pode estar estudando de uma forma que dá pouco ou quase nenhum resultado? Que tal fazer um intensivo de inglês de 180 dias e recuperar o tempo perdido?
Clique aqui e saiba como.

There are surely reasons to complain. If we do not have some, we can find them very easily. It is innate in us and this is the reason we have to fight against it. I read somewhere that only dead fish go with the current. The idea of doing what others are doing or allowing them to dictate what you should be doing or how you should behave is quite appealing. It might avoid some headaches with them; but then, you know, you get lost.

We have the power to stop and choose what is easier, or stand our ground and conquer what we have always wanted. Just to find out that it was not that far from us – many times difficult, yes – but absolutely possible. You then say to yourself, ‘I would do everything again to have what I have now’.

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All around us different sounds prevail. There are voices of optimism, defeatism, superiority etc. However, nothing can be compared to the voices of encouragement ­ this force that make us believe a bit more in ourselves, supported by faith, self-belief, and positive thinking in order to try to reach that potential that others, sometimes only someone else, find in us.

Encouragement helps us jump when we are afraid of heights; to defy when it is easier to retreat; to continue when all the circumstances point to failure; to go beyond the initial difficulties.

Encouragers should not only be valued, they should be desired, run after. If you have around you people who lift you up and believe in you, cherish them and never allow time to make you forget them.

Gloria finished school with merit and even after becoming a world-­renowned singer Mrs Collins’s encouragement still echoes in her mind and in her life.

Partner with the encouragers and lead a successful life!

Never heard Gloria singing? Let’s enjoy one her best songs (1996 Olympics theme song):

~ Erica De Monaco Lowry ~

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