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Oi pessoal, hoje eu apresento a vocês a Karin. Ela é Guatemalteca e apesar de ter o Espanhol como idioma principal, fala Inglês como poucos. Já faz um bom tempo que eu a convidei para participar do English Experts, hoje para minha surpresa ela mandou a sua primeira contribuição, um texto bem interessante onde ela fala sobre como é possível aprender Inglês estudando através de Filmes. Confira abaixo.

Hi friends! I believe that watching movies in English is one of the best ways to learn vocabulary and improve your listening skills if you don’t live in an English-speaking country. So, I will be writing regularly about new idioms, phrases or expressions from movies or TV series.

Today, I would like to start with “to have a twenty on something”. This is a phrase used a lot in “24” a famous TV series where Jack Bauer works for the fictional Los Angeles Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) as they try to safeguard the nation from terrorist threats.

Tire suas dúvidas sobre os tempos verbais, baixe um guia grátis da English Live: Guia de Tempos Verbais em Inglês. Ele contém um resumo bem estruturado para revisar os conceitos que você aprendeu na escola. Clique aqui e saiba como baixar!

The expression “to have a twenty on something” belongs to the “ten-codes”, properly known as “ten signals”, which are code words used to represent common phrases in voice communication, particularly in radio transmissions. “Twenty” is the short form for 10-20 (ten-twenty), which refers to the location of something or someone.

For example, in Episode 9 of Season 1, agent Hays says “I have a twenty on Bauer” meaning “I’m looking at Bauer right now”. In the previous episode, another agent says “I got a possible twenty on Bauer” meaning “I think I’m looking (or ‘I think I just saw him’) at Bauer”.

Another example, in Episode 13 of Season 2, Jack says “Unit three will await my command as soon as I’ve got a twenty on the bomb.” He means, unit three should wait for his orders, which he will give as soon as he finds the bomb.

Now, let’s look at some other examples in other sources….

“Do you have a ‘twenty’ on this?” she asked referring to the location of the crime as they hurried down the hall.
Mourning Dove by Aimée and David Thurlo

– “Do you have a twenty a shooter?”
– “Negative. The roof is bare.”
The Team by Bluejay

“I’ve got a twenty on the FOB (father of the bride).”
The wedding planner

For more information on the ten-codes, check this link:

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Karin Sequen

Karin é Guatemalteca e trabalha como analista de sistemas em seu país. Participa de diversos grupos no Yahoo onde discute sobre o idioma inglês. Colabora periodicamente com o English Experts.

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  • 03/05/07  
    Mary Ziller diz: 1

    Hi Karen,

    I liked your article a lot. It sounds like having a 20 on someone is having a visual on them (being able to see them).

    My husband has watched 24, but he did not know what it means to have a 20on someone.

    You are a very astute observer. Congratulations on your article and greetings from Brazil.

  • 11/02/10  
    Agnaldo diz: 2

    Hi Karin,I really appreciate your article,thank you very much!