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Recently I received by post a beautiful photo book that my sister sent from Brazil: Cataratas do Iguaçu (also referred as Iguassu Falls, Iguazu Falls and Iguazú Falls). The intention is to show friends and family here some of the most attractive tourist spots in the south of Brazil. I have been there in the past, but it was a rainy and cloudy day and I could not get the most out of it. The breathtaking pictures in the book made me revisit the area and think how much we admire Brazil’s beauty when we are not there.

Beautiful Brazil

It is easy to see beauty in Europe – the scenarios are very different and so are the people. Everything is novelty (at least in the beginning), but after a while our attention shifts to our roots, to where we come from. Our special and majestic Brazilian beaches, historical cities, green areas and people are unmatched.

In November 2012, Michael Palin (pronounced /ˈpeɪlin/ ) launched a book entitled Brazil. The author, an English actor, writer, presenter and comedian, travelled around Brazil with his team to produce a series that was shown in the UK between October and November 2012. The book encapsulates his experience through –literally- different angles, as the amazing photos show the readers. I have not bought the book (it is expensive at the moment), but I spent a good while in a bookshop browsing through its pages. I recommend it.

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Brazil on focus

It is a great feeling having someone of Michael’s calibre involved in such an elaborate work about Brazil. I came to know about the book when I was watching a talk show and the author was one of the guests. The book would be launched on the following day here in Ireland. In the show, Palin talked about various topics, including living humble, how advanced indians are, safety, rich and poor. A recording of him and a pink dolphin was shown to the public. He also highlighted Brazilians’ spontaneity and friendliness, which I especially liked.

Now, the world knows a bit more about Brazil. Whether is just out of curiosity or genuine interest in the country – due to the major events that are coming up in the next few years – we are stretching our horizons. The rising giant of world economy is about to experience a recognition beyond its position in the BRICS. We have to wait and see.

Check Michael in Rio de Janeiro talking to a local resident:

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Erica De Monaco Lowry has been living in Ireland since 2008. She is a teacher, an interpreter, a translator, a tour guide and an insatiable learner. Her favorite pastimes include reading, travelling, socialising and catching up with her family.

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