Expressões em inglês do Mundo dos Esportes: Parte 2

Expressões em inglês do Mundo dos Esportes: Parte 2

Este é o segundo post sobre o mundo dos esportes. O primeiro foi publicado aqui. So, let’s resume our sports idioms.

1. to choke – to be suddenly unable to do something, due to pressure and stress.

Baixe o Guia Grátis da English Live sobre Verbos Em Inglês e tire suas dúvidas sobre o assunto. Nele você encontrará como utilizar os verbos de maneira correta no Presente, no Passado e no Futuro, e além disso, como utilizar o Present Perfect. Clique aqui e saiba como baixar!

I spent hours preparing my presentation but when I got in front of the executives I choked.

2. to drop the ball – to fail to complete one’s responsibilities

You were expect to water my plants while I was way on my vacation but you didn’t. You really dropped the ball.

3. a good sport – an agreeable person

My dad is such a good sport. Whenever my nephew asks him to play with him he says yes.

4. to play by the rules – to conduct yourself ethically

At every company you work, you have to play by the rules.

5. to start the ball rolling – to begin something

We have a lot to do so we’d better start the ball rolling.

6. team player – a person who works well with others

In order to get ahead in life you have to be cooperative and learn to be a teamplayer.

7. ballpark – approximate

Can you give me a ballpark price on what a new compact car costs?

8. to be batting a thousand – to be extremely successful

Mike could never get a date but now that he’s working out he’s been batting a thousand.

9. to roll with the punches – to accept something unpleasant without fighting back

We all know the boss is mean to everyone but we have to roll with the punches, after all he’s retiring in two weeks.

See you all soon!


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