Flirting is an art. It’s an art because not everyone is careful enough with their words and quick to judge the situation at hand. To be a good flirt one has to cause an impression, but also to catch the other’s imagination. It is a game in which the most confident part has more chances to win.

Flirting made easy

Although men are usually expected to make the first move, the number of women being in this position has changed the flirting scene. Shy men and women who are not approached as often as they would like – or not by the ones they would expect- are among the causes of growing number of flirtatious women.

Now, because of virtual communities, text messages, chat rooms and others, men and women of all ages and personalities have been encouraged to flirt their way to romance. Below you will read some ads from a free newspaper (put together in May/2012). People send a text or email to the paper to have their lines published.

Receba aqui um prêmio que vai ajudar você a falar inglês!

Clique aqui e acesse!

Flirting ads

The section is called: YEH BIG RIDE – strangers on a train …or bus

To the unbelievably gorgeous girl who got the 18.35 train to Greystones on Wednesday evening. She got on at Grand Canal, got off at Sydney Parade. Dressed in black, with red hair and glasses. Please tell me you are single.
A Single, via text

We hope she is single too!

To the cute guy with the beard and black batman hoody in Terenure every day, maybe we can share a laugh some day!
CentraGirl, via text

I’m telling you…some women can be very cheeky…

To the dreamy girl in the red jacket I see on George St every morning, don’t mind the Bradley Cooper lookalikesay hi to me instead – tall, strong, suited Ron Burgundy lookalike! I’m kind of a big deal.
Ronan, via text 

I’m kind of a big deal => a line of the main character of the film Anchorman: the legend of Ron Burgundy. He says to the women: ‘I don’t know how to put this, but I’m kind of a big deal’.

To the sexy guy who drives my number 16 bus every morning to George’s Street, I could stare at you all day!
Beauty therapist, via text

Although I wish both all the best, I hope the ‘sexy guy’ will not stare at her while driving…

Smoking-hot blonde who got on the 140 bus towards Dartry on Wednesday at around 4ish – she was sitting with her friend across from me on a relatively empty bus upstairs, wearing skinny blue jeans, pumps and a light lemon top.
Villiers, via e-mail 

Great description, by the way! And we, women, think that men do not notice much…

To Big Paul ‘Macker’ the Dart driver, I see you in Bray but not enough. You’re hunky and loud, the way I love my menPlease get back to me.
Sexy Sue, via text

Very straight, huh?

To the pretty woman in the summer dress getting the last train to Kildare on Friday night, I thought I caught you looking at me twice. Each time I looked up, you ducked back behind your seat. Did I look funny or should I have said hello?
Regretful Fool, via e-mail

Liked that! Romantic, funny and no beating around the bush.

Virtual flirting: good or bad?

A guy who sent a text about the section has a point:

What is wrong with this generation? ‘Great guy’ actually talks to his ’Stranger on the train’ and still can’t pick up the courage to ask her out. I blame the likes of Facebook and people doing all their flirting through their keyboard.
Keith, via email

At the end of the section it reads:
Lovestruck? If your love is requited, Metro Herald will put you in contact.**

  • What do you think about using technology to flirt?
  • Can you share a funny story? Maybe a successful one?
  • Any more words, collocations, idioms and fixed expressions?

See you.
Hey, be good!

**P S : Dear readers, I prefer not to insert translation as I believe the context can help you with the words in bold. Yet, I do not want you wondering what this or that might be. Please, I encourage you to do research and, finally, if you cannot find what you are looking for, just let me/us know and I/we will help you. No problems.

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Erica De Monaco Lowry

Erica De Monaco Lowry has been living in Ireland since 2008. She is a teacher, an interpreter, a translator, a tour guide and an insatiable learner. Her favorite pastimes include reading, travelling, socialising and catching up with her family.

11 comentários

  • 28/06/12  
    João B. L. Ghizoni diz: 1

    Congratulations on this post, Érica. Very different from all the others, and this is what we can call “the real thing”–English in use. Very funny little texts. I’m sure all EE readers will have a great time reading them. Unfortunately, I haven’t got a similar story to share. But I’ll be happy to read the other readers’.

    • 29/06/12  
      Erica Lowry diz:

      Thanks João. Hopefully the flirtatious guys/girls will share with us some of
      their experiences. :-)

  • 28/06/12  
    carla diz: 2

    Muito boa a reportagem. achei muito interessante, pois moro na Irlanda tambem e todos os dias leio esta coluna de flertes… algumas coisas muito engracadas. Costumo ler todos os dias o Metro Herald, eh possivel se aprender muita coisa.

    • 29/06/12  
      Erica Lowry diz:

      Hey, Carla. You know exactly what I mean every morning when I
      read that column. :-)

  • 28/06/12  
    Marcos Mendes diz: 3

    Os artigos do EE ficaram ótimos com o botão de impressão!
    As vezes vejo um artigo novo e estou de saida pra faculdade ou coisa parecida, então imprimo e vou lendo no ônibus ou em outro lugar que eu esteja. Foi uma de minhas sugestões que o Alessandro atendeu.
    Sou desenvolvedor e tenho curiosidade de saber se é o Alessandro que desenvolve o EE, ele é analista de sistemas. Se você ver esse post aqui, tira minha dúvida ai Alessandro, Abraço!
    Quando chego aqui no EE, é tão familiar pra mim, é tão aconchegante, que parece que cheguei na minha casa, sentei no sofá e coloco os pés pra cima! É a sensação que eu tenho, que ambiente maravilhoso, me sinto muito a vontade aqui no EE e acho que muitos leitores também tem essa sensação!

    • 29/06/12  
      Alessandro diz:

      Oi Marcos,

      Sim, sou Analista de Sistemas e desenvolvo o EE! Fico feliz que você se sinta à vontade aqui no site, foi o nosso objetivo quando estávamos projetando.

      Obrigado pelo comentário!

    • 29/06/12  
      Marcos Mendes diz:

      Obrigado pela resposta Alessandro!
      Parabéns por ambos os trabalhos, a parte de desenvolvimento e sua iniciativa com o EE. You rock!

    • 30/06/12  
      Alessandro diz:

      Thank you!

  • 30/06/12  
    Erica diz: 4

    Marcos, that was very nice of you. Encouragement is needed. Alessandro has to be praised for all the work with the EE. Not everyone puts love in what they do. :-)

  • 03/07/12  
    Bruno Mendes diz: 5

    Erica, I really love your posts. You always bring interesting subjects for this blog ! How can someone be so creative ?
    Regarding to the question, I think that virtual flirting has become a bad thing nowadays, because people are spending too much time in a computer and it distances everyone. Feelings must be expressed by attitudes, not by Facebooks hints.

    • 04/07/12  
      Erica diz:

      Hi Bruno. It’s so good to know that you enjoy reading the posts! I love your encouragement. Thanks for giving your opinion on virtual flirting. I share a very similar view. :-)