Any longer, Any more and No longer

Any longer, Any more and No longer

Any longer, any more and no longer are expressions used to indicate that a situation has changed, i.e. something that used to happen or happened in the past and does not happen in the present.

  • Sue used to play chess but she doesn’t play it any longer.

Any longer and any more have the same meaning and are used at the end of the sentences:

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  • Billy is not the best student any longer / any more.

No longer appears in the middle of the sentence:

  • Jimmy no longer works for Mr. Brown.

Let’s practice these expressions adding still and not … any longer/not… any more

  • I used to write a composition and a poem every week. 
  • I still write a composition every week but I don’t write poems any more / any longer.

Let’s practice

  1. I used to eat fish and drink wine every Saturday.
  2. The children were feeling tired and hungry.

Now, using the same sentences above, let’s use no longer instead of not…any longer/not any more.

E.g. I no longer write a poem every week.

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Now, over to you.

Feel free to use the comments below to do the exercise.

Now, you won’t make mistakes with these expressions any more!
Now, you will no longer make mistakes with these expressions!

Source: Translated and adapted from extract of the book ‘Make or do? Etc., etc… Resolvendo dificuldades’ by Eliana Valdes Lopes and Solange Marques Rollo, 1989.

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