Como utilizar "anyway"

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Estou com duvida no uso da expressão ''anyway''.
What was he doing with so much of the company's money in his personal account anyway?
Her parents were opposed to her giving up her course, but she did it

Of course I don't mind taking you home - I'm going that way anyway

Anyway, in the end i didn't wear your jacket.

I thought you said everyone had left." "Well, some of them have anyway.

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Anyway = de qualquer forma, de qualquer maneira, de qualquer jeito.

1 used when adding something to support an idea or argument
Besides It's too expensive and anyway the colour doesn't suit you.It's too late now, anyway.

2 despite something; even soThe water was cold but I took a shower anyway.I'm afraid we can't come, but thanks for the invitation anyway.

Thanks anyway! De qualquer forma, obrigado.
from Oxford Dictionary :ugeek:
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