Correção de frase: very intellectually competent

Sally Tilelli 5
I need to revise this text and, somehow his sentence sounds quite strange. "A ... Professor, apparently very intellectually competent, disagreed firmly that she was responsible for everything she was going through." I think the order or combination of words is wrong, but I'm not sure. Would it be better to say: "quite competent in what concerns her intellect" and "firmly disagreed"? Help!
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1 resposta

Leonardo96 3960 9 89
There's nothing wrong about that sentence. It might be that you're not that used with the structure of the language thus causing uncertainty about the way some sentences are put together. Although you could indeed replace all of it with what you deemed more fitting, it is also correct, but there's nothing "quite strange" in the other sentence. Just a word of advice though, there is no point questioning the English of native speakers in any way (i'm assuming this was from a native speaker), just take their word for it and don't try to find fault with anything, unless you're dealing with uneducated people, which to me doesn't seem like the case at hand.