Let's chat?

Avatar do usuário Flavia.lm 3885 1 9 86
Dear colleagues,

I'd like to suggest a "closer" contact:

When = Tomorrow - June 3rd - HOLIDAY :) at 5pm (Brasília time)
Where = EE chat, "Advanced level" room
Language to be used: English, ONLY
Subject to be discussed: to be decided at the time

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Clique aqui e saiba como baixar!
Avatar do usuário dlr 65
I'll try to make it
Avatar do usuário Gabi 705 1 1 13
I'll be there Flá.
Hopefully we won't be the only ones!
Avatar do usuário dlr 65
We should do this again!
Avatar do usuário Flavia.lm 3885 1 9 86
Just for you to have some feedback:

Dlr, Gabi, I, and some other three or four colleagues were there and we talked about:
- our preferred books
- dlr told us why he studies Portuguese
- we complained about the chat and discussed about “bots” and our ‘hidden’ friends who were spying us
- talked about Slipknot :evil:
- about the oil spill in the US
- about Brazilian looong names and the ‘rules’ for forming it (middle name = mother’s surname , etc), about maiden and married names, etc
- about Lost, and then about soap operas :)
- then I had lots of fun with someone who connected only to say: "Hi Flavia, I can’t stay here, bye bye…" :lol: ,
- talked about Brazilian books
- then we insisted on discovering why Daniel is learning Portuguese, and we learned “the theory why Americans don’t care about learning a foreign language” - not much convincing, though ;)
- “Portuguese sounds like music and is one of the most beautiful languages to hear” – this one I liked :)
- Differences between Br and Am accent
- Differences between Portuguese spoken in Brazil and in Portugal
- Genders in E and P
- how it is difficult to learn prepositions!
- then I abandoned them to prepare dinner :)

Yes, we should do that again

Avatar do usuário Logan18 20
I'm so sorry Flá, I couldn't be there when you was on the chat with Gabi and Dlr, I know you've had warned me previously, but I was too busy at 17:00, I really would like to be there with you and all guys. Please, when it happens again, let me know.

Take care.
Avatar do usuário Gabi 705 1 1 13
Don't worry Logan, we'll fix something again, considering it was cool and very productive.
Avatar do usuário Ravenna 70 3
Hey did you talked about Slipknot? I love those guys! ^^ Sorry, I can't help asking about one of the biggest bands of the world!!! heheh So sad they lost a member a few days ago :(
Thank you for invite me, but i'm at home, doing a party! God Bless U! :D
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Avatar do usuário Gabi 705 1 1 13
Baromeu Vargas escreveu:Thank you for invite me, but i'm at home, doing a party! God Bless U! :D

Han? hahaha