On a chat x In a chat: Qual é o certo?

Qual seria a Preposição mais adequada para a palavra "Chat"
Por exemplo:

I'm talking to you on/in a chat
Type "Hello" On/in Chat

A palavra Chat me confunde bastante, vi em muitos sites que algumas pessoas falam "On a chat", outras "In a chat"
Qual é a preposição mais comum pra esse tipo de palavra (No caso "Chat")?


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Both can be used. There isn't a general consensus, but the preposition "in" is much more used.

You can seach the expression on NGram and check the frequency usage (2019).
"in a chat" - frequency of 0.0000034586%
"on a chat" - frequency of 0.0000005885%

Ngram books.google

Take a look at the examples below:

- He gets email or looks on a chat room.
- I didn't want to be on a chat group with them.
- They will put something on a chat.
- We're also going to be getting to some on the chat in just a few minutes.
- And there's a lot of sharing going on in the chat.
- Paying viewers have the opportunity to "type in torture commands in a chat box."
- I'll try to drop a link to this in a chat.
- And the links have gone in a chat for that.
- She meets up in a chat room with some old pals of hers big boy...
- They're talking to each other,  not,  not necessarily in a chat forum.
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Both, anyway to talk about content on webpages/sites the preposition is grammarly correct and preferable:
“I don't live in your area but it's an issue where I live too and I just wanted to let you know that I support your idea. It worked, too – it's on the BBC website and people are talking about it! Well done.”

To contents and material that is not on the first page, that is a portion of the website that you must dig to get to, it would the time to use "IN".

The web inherited the analogy from the age of books, so you would find something IN a book and ON page of the said book.

Another opinion, that of programmers and App makers:
Is that an application would fetch content IN a given webpage because it would crawl within the website and grab the specific content in a specific place.
In that case, it wasn't there, displayed for your consumption, which would justify the preposition "ON".

Anyway, those are 'rules of thumb', sort of. It's a bit subjective and it may go with what you think at the time of writing.
You can find ON-AT-IN when sites are mentioned, ON and AT are sometimes interchangeable and at the same not interchangeable with IN.

Ah! to social networks, to the likes of Facebook, WhatsApp, etc, using ON you can't go wrong.