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Hi guys! Today I’m going to talk about a very nice movie: “The Ultimate Gift”. This is a film based on author Jim Stovall’s bestselling novel. The story is about a boy named Jason whose grandfather just died. When he goes to claim his inheritance (which he thought was a part of his grandfather’s multi-billion dollar company), things don’t happen they way he expected. Jason must complete 12 separate assignments within a year, to receive 12 “gifts” leading to an “ultimate gift”. The gifts of money, friends and learning are among the dozen that Jason must learn before he is eligible for the mysterious “Ultimate Gift” his grandfather’s will has for him.

You really have to watch this movie! It will make you appreciate all the beautiful gifts you already have and will make you wish to have the ones you don’t! For more info about this movie, please check:

Okay, now, two phrases caught my attention.

Você tem medo de falar inglês? - Se você já estudou inglês mas ainda se sente inseguro(a) saiba que o primeiro passo é se expor ao idioma. Converse grátis por 15 minutos com um professor de inglês nativo, você vai se surpreender o quanto isso pode fazer a diferença.
Começar agora!


To “Brace (someone or oneself)” is a way to say “prepare for something difficult or unpleasant”. In other words, if you hear “Brace yourself!” it means“Prepare yourself! (something bad is coming).” Could be used as a threat.


This other expression was mentioned by Jason’s mother. She said, “I’m not going to upset the whole apple cart just because you’re facing a few challenges. I’m sorry.” To “upset the applecart” means to spoil a plan or disturb the status quo[1]. The “applecart” is a plan, system, situation, or undertaking that may be disrupted or terminated (used mainly with this expression).

Until next time!

[1] Read the article about the “status quo” here.

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