Politics? No, thanks!

Politics? No, thanks!

It is interesting that the subject most of us understand the least is the subject we criticise the most. Politics seems a persona non grata in human knowledge. Maybe because it seems far from being humane… We have seen so many examples of misrepresentation of the nation and that just made us grow uninterested. We got used to the dark side of politics. What is left (or left wing, if you prefer) is to make jokes.

What a joke!

Politicians, like blondes, mothers-in law and so on, guarantee a good laugh. Unfortunately, it all boils down to prejudice. We insist on putting everyone in the same bag. Maybe it is just a way to justify what we have become. Because corruption is widely spread, we have decided that we are entitled to some degree of corruption and dishonesty too. If we cannot fix the damage, let’s make it less worse by enjoying the benefits of being part of it.

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Look what they are doing!

Nothing could be further from the truth. We should not laugh at the joke we are part of. We will never see the change happening if our attitude remains the same. Why do we always have to attack a person? We criticise the boss, the bus driver, the public servant, the politician. It is what they do that has to be checked. It is common to attack someone – there’s nothing good about him or her if one thing is wrong in their lives. Or what we think it is wrong. We write people off and wait to see a change by acting like that. Or maybe we don’t. If people change for the better, what bad things will we have to say about them? Let’s just feed the negative and wait for nothing to change.

A matter of attitude

To see change in politics, as in everything else in life, it is necessary a change of attitude. We have been choosing to laugh, to complain to others, to spread messages that talk about our rights and what must change. But unless we change our minds and our ways, we will never be able to fight against what is wrong. Simply because we will not have enough weapons to do the job.

The recipe

If we live our lives in truth, honesty and integrity (to walk the talk), then we will stand up for our rights. We will not put up with what’s wrong. We will know then that the right thing is possible because we will be living it. We will know that the change is viable. That is urgent!

The nation will proudly demand their rights to be respected and observed. We will choose our representatives by the content of their character because we will know how to recognise it. We will not settle for less. We will fight to win.

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Erica De Monaco Lowry

Erica De Monaco Lowry has been living in Ireland since 2008. She is a teacher, an interpreter, a translator, a tour guide and an insatiable learner. Her favorite pastimes include reading, travelling, socialising and catching up with her family.

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