Semana da Gramática: Exercícios de Fixação

Hello, guys! Tivemos nossa primeira Grammar Week aqui no English Experts e vamos fechar com chave de ouro (top it off): vou propor um exercício para vocês. Deixo abaixo 10 frases para que vocês, com a ajuda dos posts anteriores, preencham com a forma correta dos verbos que estão entre parênteses, OK? I´ll post the answers soon! Let´s get down to business, then!

  1. Would you have gone to the party if she _____ (not – ask) you?
  2. This is the third time I _____ (tell) you to clean up your room and you still _____ (not – do) it!
  3. What time ____ (she – arrive) from New York?
  4. I _____ (not – have) much free time lately. I´ve been working really hard.
  5. When I got to the party, everyone ______ (already – leave).
  6. The stores ______ (close) by the time we got to Main Street.
  7. I _____ (work) at that factory for five years. Then I was laid off and got another job in that other factory.
  8. I _____ (work) at that factory for five years. They hired me in 2002 and I´m still working there.
  9. George usually _____ (travel) on Monday mornings, but this week he _____ (travel) on Tuesday because his boss asked him to finish up some business on Monday.
  10. I _____ ( see – not) since you started taking that night course. We should get together and do something.

Take care and hope to see many posts here soon!


Adir Ferreira

Adir Ferreira é professor e tradutor de inglês e espanhol há 22 anos. É responsável pelo blog de língua espanhola da empresa americana Transparent. Trabalha com educação corporativa, treina professores e ministra workshops sobre metodologia.

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