Como dizer "Book rosa, book azul" em inglês

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O "book rosa", uma lista de modelos que também atuam como garotas de programa.
The "pink book", a list of models that also act as call girls.

"Book azul", a versão masculina do termo book rosa.
"Blue book", the male version of the Pink book term.

A pergunta é:
Isso é coisa de brasileiro ou americanos, ingleses, etc. também usam esse tal "book"?
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No sentido pejorativo, pink book e blue book não são usados.
The "pink book", a list of models that also act as call girls.

Não há nenhuma resposta?

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Not that I know of. Pink books are in general (language-wise) books somehow related go girls matters and directed to that public : The Pink book Etiquete/The Little Pink Book on What to Wear, etc.

As for modelling, there´s the portfolio (or just Book or Model's Book.) A notebook conaining a collection of a model's best photographs (usually size 8"x10").
In newspaper item about a prostitution racket bust, the police found a "catalogue" with high-profile models, but no mention of the word "book".
Well, words jump in and get out of dictionaries and get outdated fast these days... So, let´s wait for further comments on this one.

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I have never heard of such blue/pink books in the US. The only thing close is the little black book:

Probably the most commonly referred to "blue book" is the Kelley Blue Book, which lists the most recent prices of used cars, but there are actually tons of other "Blue Books":

Pink book actually has a few uses as well, but none related to prostitution...:

As Paulo said, there are catalogs or directories of such people on salacious websites, but I'm not really sure if there's some lingo or slang for such things that would serve as a good translation.