Como dizer "Capricha, por favor" em inglês

Olá, pessoal.
Eu procurei bastante na internet e não consegui encontrar nada que me responda a pergunta.

Quando nós fazemos um pedido em algum restaurante, e pedimos pra pessoa "caprichar na comida" ou na bebida, a gente está pedindo pra ela colocar o máximo que ela puder de quantidade na porção que a gente está pagando.

Qual seria uma expressão adequada para se utilizar com essa intenção?

Hey guys. I'm trying to find a suitable expression for a common situation in a lot of restaurants in Brazil that serve set meals.

I would usually ask the person to put as most as they can for the amount I'm paying for, to let them know I eat a lot :)

So I use the expression "capricha por favor" or "pode caprichar" as a friendly way to ask for that.

Do you know of any expression in English that has a similar meaning?

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Suggestions (by a native who's travelled a lot):

Please, do it in the house style.

Please, do it in the chef's special way.
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Good question indeed.
I had not ever thought about it, but I am not sure if in restaurants they ask for such "differential" treatment (don´t know, but it seems like ours "Do you know who you're talking to?") somehow.
By the way, Be aware that most restaurant portions are three or four times the right serving size. ... _size.html#

Other than that, one would ask for a "jumbo" (sandwich, for example).
Indeed, it seems that restaurants already send you the oversized portions of food. ... 2D80556130

In self-serving places, you will make your plate to match your taste (and your wallet), and an eat-all-you-can would be the opposite of the self-service (you would certainly indulge yourself).

Perhaps, but I am not so sure, that kind of request would be applicable when eating at food trucks, then certainly you would say something a la "make it the bigger/make the most of it"...don´t know for sure!

Let´s wait for the ones in the know.
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I want especial treatment?
... Royal treatment?
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I want especial treatment?
... Royal treatment?
Suas Márcio after his first heart attack at a hospital.
YOU should read suas as says.
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Vai com calma Sr. Márcio.
- I wish you a speedy recovery!
Boa recuperação!

Bom saber: SUAS ... cia_Social
I'm in NY and I always wanted to know that, but I always forgot asking someone about.
I asked my American friend right now who speaks Portuguese as well and she told me this is a hard one, there is no word similar because it's not common to use that here.
She needed to think more about it, but two options she gave me in advance are:
"Outdo yourself"
"Show me how it's done"
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Olá pessoal,

Gostei muito das opções da Telma Regina, o problema é que sabemos que nem todos irão saber o significado da frase, então me pergunto como poderiamos explicar a expressão ''Please, do it in the house style'' para um nativo e não-nativo que trabalha num restaurante nos EUA?

Other option that my friend gave me:
"Make it good"
But one more time she told me depends on the way that you say this can be arrogant
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I wonder if someone could (or couldn´t ask - with good manners) to "supersize it" (depending on the circumstance) or to get some extras items (a chicken breast more, if possible, etc) or a second portion of something.
Anyway, most of the time it is already supersized. The trend seems actually being the other way around, they asking for a reduction of the portions.
Just one educated guess of mine, though. ... f-entrees/ ... rst-class/
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My suggestion:

Make it a whopper please !!

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I have seen "whopper'' reffering to (big) sandwiches.
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Exatamente Ppaulo, fiz uma analogia ao sanduíche caprichado da Burger King chamado de whopper.

Bye and happy 2016.
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Same to you. That is, a Happy New innovative and great, to you and yours!

And that this brand new year brings more fascinating and educational discussions on the EE, a huge thanks to all of you that took part of this year, that if was a little bumpy in other areas, at least we have learned a lot in our lives. So, it´s time to count our blesses an be optmistic towards the next year. And how amazing is to see people learning new things! :idea:
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Do your best, please = capricha por favor

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It seems like a good option when we are asking something to be done, but as a request, something to be asked to an employee or something like that, but in a restaurant...don´t know if it´s a good option...
We say "heavy on the...". For instance, when ordering something with mayonnaise, you could say "Heavy on the mayo, please" if you want more, or if you want less you would say "easy on the mayo". Hope that makes sense.
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[Affirmative sentence]

Just for curiosity, we have two ways to say Do it well please in Brazil, and that's because there are two meanings for the subject pronoun You:

Capricha, por favor.
>> If we decided to give the order or ask it to someone else, using the pronoun "tu", the verb must ends with the letter "a".

Capriche, por favor.
>> If we decided to address to someone using the pronoun "você", the verb must ends with the letter "e".

For more details, check some Portuguese grammar rules on:

For more details, please take a good look on:
(1) Portuguese Personal Pronouns
(2) Imperative
(3) Imperativo

Enjoy your studies!
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Eu diria : Do your best and not sparingly. Faça o melhor e sem economizar.

Todos no restaurante entenderiam.

I want lavish portions without overcharge.

Cheers !