Como dizer "roupa para o Dia das Bruxas" em inglês

Avatar do usuário Carls 3155 2 74
Get-up/getup = ) roupa; vestimenta, indumentária
Halloween get-up = roupa para o Dia das Bruxas

Three years ago, I purchased a Tigger costume designed for 2- to 4-year-olds, and adopted it as my own perfect Halloween get-up. ... gh_school/
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Mais uma:

Halloween costume

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Avatar do usuário Judy Friedkin 720 2 20
We don't say Halloween "get up". It is as Donay says, Halloween costume (s)
Avatar do usuário Judy Friedkin 720 2 20
"get up" is really used.It is not used to replace clothes, etc. It is used for very specific situations. It is a slang expression and would be used in an ironic way, such as, "Did you see that get up she was wearing to the party?" It has a negative connotation.
Judy tem razão. Fantasia = costume. Haloween costume é que se usa no Dia das Bruxas.
Avatar do usuário Judy Friedkin 720 2 20
I meant to write rarely used, not :really used.