Como dizer "socorrista de emergência (SAMU)" em inglês

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Paramedic é socorrista, que também serve para a pergunta do post, socorrista de emergência de SAMU ?

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I don´t know the specifics of SAMU but I think that, depending on the ambulance type you can have an EMT team or a paramedic team (it supposes you have a person with medical training - meaning it can start IV line, and give injections, resuscitate and suport in case of heart attack or more serious trauma).
So, I think SAMU is an EMS with an assortment of teams, an EMT or paramedic team will reach the patient depending on the kind of help he needs. That assessment is made at the time of the taking of the call (and they decide which type of ambulance/team is to get there). After getting there emergency responders get to the place and see the patient and collect more information that will help the doctors at the hospital as well.

Ah, not that the layman would know of that, one could translate SAMU as the "paramedic": by stating - I was saved/rescued by the paramedic... And get away with it. That certainly would be true to someone in an English-speaking country as well.