Como dizer ''Você estava lá até agora?'' em inglês

Meu amigo chega do parque depois de cinco horas que o encontrei no mesmo.

Eu o vejo em casa e digo: “Você estava lá até agora?”

Seria o “up to now?”

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PPAULO 6 49 1.3k
Looks like you intend the focus to be on the event (you are 'surprised' by the amount of time your friend was there, whether the event is finished or not it's not the matter for you.

So "you had been in the park until now?", to my thinking it would suggest you is in your place, his home, etc. There is, he might have just arrived, you could safely assume that.
In less colloquial way "had you been in the park until now?"

"you have been in the park until now?", it would have a ring of (your friend" 'being still in the park right now'.

Anyway, the ball is on other's court now. Let's wait for more.
Leonardo96 19 293
Were you there until just now?
Had you been there all this time?
PPAULO 6 49 1.3k
I like the second sentence best. "Had you been there all this time?", albeit it also may mean we are surprised by the amount of time spent than the fact the character was still there a while ago. They (the meanings) can be interchangeable, though.