Concordância e Tempo Verbal em algumas frases

1) "I fought physically with him", "I physically fought with him" or "I fought with him physically" ? Do they mean something like "briguei com ele fisicamente" ? Which 1 out of these 3 do you prefer?
1) b) "Your dog looked at me angrily" or "Your dog looked angrily at me?"
2) Inside a (con)text, how can I use the sentence, "I'll have helped her in learning" ?
2) b) Can I say, "If you kill yourself, your mother will have been crying" ? = (Se você se matar, a sua mãe chorará para sempre (daqui à diante))
3) What does this sentence mean, "I'll be doing it" ? How about "I'll do it" and "Going to do it" ?
4) Do you prefer saying "If she were her" or "If she were herself"?
5) Can I say "If you can't help with this, can you solve some of them?" (I don't know if this sentence is wrong)

Thank you. These doubts are killing me for 3 months.
According to my doubts that are above, will I have some other problems?