"Famosos" (ou quase) falando inglês

Hey guys!

As this forum contains many (inspirational) videos on Brazilians speaking English, I decided to open this thread so that I could share with you some of the videos I know of. It is amazing to see so many Brazilians doing so well overseas. And just as amazing to notice how simple is speaking English when we are in an informal conversation rather than other formal situations.

Using some refined vocabulary and structures will definitely make us stand out from other speakers of the language...And that`s why I reckon my favourite "famous Brazilian speakers of English" are film director Walter Salles and the Minister Celso Amorim.

Pick and choose your favourite famous Brazilian English speaker!

1 A video on the model Alessandra when she was still learning English. [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YB20D3s05d4&feature=fvsr[/youtube]

Model Alessandra Ambrosio talks after some years living and working in the US (Her improvement is remarkable, don`t you think?)

Impressive how she clang to the American pronunciation of words that most of her mistakes are hardly noticed

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32knk5nRfE8&feature=related[/youtube] The slip up...She confuses blink with wink :)

2 Model Adriana Lima talks


3 Actress Alice Braga (Part of the cast of film "The rite" along with actor Anthony Hopkins! I believe this film is due to hit the cinemas soon). Note that whilst her English is fluent, she slips up sometimes (absolutely normal :)

4 The rite official trailer

5 More on Alice`s character

6 Model Caroline Trentini

7 Actor Rodrigo Santoro on his character in film "Red Belt". Interesting how he makes some comments on Brazilians speaking English

8 Film director Water Salles being interviewed for BBC Hard Talk


9 Gilberto Gil


10 Celso Amorim (International Relations Minister). I reckon his word choices make him stand out from all the other speakers.

Guess Brazilian models are well regarded overseas! Check it out:

11 Model Isabeli Fontana. So cute to see her fumbling for words - that`s how we all learn!

12 Model Evandro Soldati

13 Models talk

14 Felipe Massa

With so many videos on international models, I couldn`t fail to post a video on Gisele Bundchen!


Well, that`s enough! Catch ya later!

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Guess I was a bit sleepy when I opened this thread :o

Minor corrections: Please read clung where it`s written clang;

slip - up as a noun must be written wish a dash, ok?

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Hey Eternal!

What a great post. I spent one hour in front of the computer watching it.
How much time did you need to collect all this stuff? : )

By the way...It`s a amazing when you watch the first Alessandra Ambrosio`s video and then you watch the second one, you can see how much better her english is. Did you notice that?

The other video that she and Marisa Miller are being interviewed by a woman, I don`t think she got confused. I always say blink... not wink. Actually I didn`t know the word wink.
Hi there Rafael (and everyone too :),

It took me around half an hour to collect it all up. Since there are occasional posts on some famous Brazilians speaking English here and there on English Experts, I came up with the idea of bringing some of these videos together :)

And I`ll tell you more: I particularly like these sort of videos not only because of their inspirational aspect, but also because it breaks down the common misconception that people who live for a long time overseas "know it all" or "possess better English skills than those who live, study and practice the language in Brazil" .

I posted the three Model Alessandra`s videos on purpose. In fact, I intended to show something on the lines of before X after so that you guys could observe her remarkable improvement. Her English progressed by leaps and bounds since she started living in the US (and of course, study the language), which backs up the popular saying "practice makes perfect (or almost)" :)

As to the video in which Alessandra is being interviewed on MTV, she confuses the verbs wink with blink. The verb "blink" refers to the brief closing movement one can make using both eyes, whereas the verb "wink" desbribes the brief closing of just one eye. What both the interviewer and Marisa Miller warn Alessandra about is that it would be impossible for her to "blink" in a sexy way at a fashion show etc...That`s when Alessandra stands up for herself and says "Sorry, I`m from Brazil...."

By the way, I`m posting another video on a Brazilian "famous-wannabe": "Sheyla Hershey". She`s become an overnight sensation in the US (and maybe in the world) for holding the Guiness record for "biggest breasts" (or something like that). It`s kind of bizarre, I know. But the point is that we can not only check her English out, but also learn from the whole video (Fox news).


Cheers :)

16. Juliana Paes and her first role played in English in the film "Bed and Breakfast" along with actor Dean Cain (ex-superman!). Check it out

Sabrina Sato interviews (If you guys check them out, you`ll probably have a fit of laughter)HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

17. The most hilarious interview ever! Sabrina Sato interviews teen singer Justin Bieber. In the middle of the interview, he politely asks her to stop talking and "pass the buck" to the interpreter, since he can`t make out a word she says.

Sabrina sato interviews Tom Cruise in Brazil (Pay attention to reporter Gloria Maria and her stance on the use of English as a second language)

Sabrina sato interviews Kiss!

Sabrina Sato interviews Jack Black in England (this one is so hysterical I`ll post it on another thread too!)

Note how the film director comments "Sabrina, your English is perfect!"

As I find other videos, I`ll keep posting them

Cheers :-)
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Uma vez eu li q a Sabrina Sato ganha R$300.000,00 por mês. Acho que daria pra ela pagar umas aulinhas de inglês, mas se ela falasse direitinho não teria tanta audiência.
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Sad but true ahhahahah

@Eternal - nice post. Thanks for having such a work compiling all of these videos and bringing them up on the forum.
I'm not kissing to Rodrigo Santoro, even though he deserves the pretigious he has, but I love his accent, you can easily see he puts a lot of work on that! Inspirational!
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E ae pessoal!

Encontrei o video de mais um famoso conversando em inglês. Seu que a maioria tem um certo preconceito em ve-lo mas a entrevista é muito legal!!!

Estou falando de Justin Bieber. Deixem o preconceito de lado e assistam ao video

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Hi everyone!

I have recently watched the movie Rio - which I highly recommend! Since then, I`ve hit on the idea of posting a video I found on you tube in which both director Carlos Saldanha and actor Rodrigo Santoro are interviewed about the movie!

Way to go! Hope you guys like it!