Is Brazil ready for the World Cup and Olympics?

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Question: Is Brazil ready for the World Cup and Olympics?

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Being such a vast country, I would say there is high chance of some infrastructure problems in the World Cup, especially in the cities farther from the coast. The Rio Olympics should be alright for foreigners, but not as amazing for locals (…) - Mauricio Savarese blog

No one doubts that the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the country of football and the nation of partying, will be memorable. But there are doubts over how well organised it will be. – BBC

"Brazil is not ready, " said Pele.

"I am fully confident that the event will be a success, in and out of the playing fields, " Aldo Rebelo, the country's minister of sports, wrote in an email interview. (June 2012) "There are no major obstacles in addition to those that are normally faced with organizing an event of this size and importance. Brazil has completed feats that are far more complex than organizing a World Cup."

(…) construction projects for both of those mega events are far behind schedule. Foreign investors are not happy with Brazil's tangled bureaucracy, and thousands of federal employees in the country are on strike. – NPR

"In South Africa the main goal was to show the world that Africa could organise a World Cup. In Brazil, in a way the main issue is to win it. Otherwise they will talk about failure." - Jerome Valcke, FIFA general secretary.

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In my opinion Brazil is ready for the World Cup and Olympics. There are many stadiums constructions in progress and a lot of sponsors interested in a excepcional event result and a lot of visibility.

Thereafter, foreign companies may be attracted by the opportunities in this large country and excepcional diversity of to profit.

In despite of the pessimistics opinions, I think that the events will be sucessful performed, and we will have a lot of fun and a big country development.

Well that's my opinion.

Best regards

I think Brazil is on the right track to accomplish this hard mission but there are a lot of important things to be done mainly regarding to our airports and traffic in general. We have total conditions to make a great event and I believe in that.

Best regards,

At least about the stadiums, I think so. Today I did read that stadiums are almost ready but hosting services and airports can to harm us. For receive people on our country we need good hotels and good transport Conditions.

For whom live in the cities that'll host this events, is a wonderfull oportunity to train english.
I'd like to live in one these cities!

See ya...
i don't think so
Brazil is such a big country and it has a lot of means but it does not have money enough
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Depends on what in you mean with "ready".

Yes, the World Cup and the Olympic Games will happen, this is a fact, and the rumours of changing the host-country are already gone.

However, there are NO ready stadiums 1 and a half year before the World Cup and half year before the Confederations Cup (that is supposed to be the big trial to the World Cup). Some of them are less than 50% finished!

In my modest opinion, this sort of delaying on the constructions is typical from corrupt countries with corrupt politicians as ours. The closer we get to the World Cup and the Olympic Games, the fast they need to aprove the liberation of money to conclude the works, facilitating more corruption.

And what about the "elefantes brancos"? Those big stadiums built in the middle of nothing exclusively to the World Cup, that after these 4 or 5 matches will be completely useless? This is a HUGE shame, and make me be completely sad and hopeless about our country.

Furthermore, there are several infrastructure problems in ALL the places. Also, all the airports have problems of capacity and are likely to not have enough conditions to receive properly all the tourists that will be coming.

Of course that in the middle of the events, everybody will be happy and will forget all this stuff, nevertheless thinking rationally, the problems are everywhere.

Again: Yes, we will be "ready" to receive them, but how properly it will be?
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As Galvão Bueno says, prepare your heart, but this time to see the disaster.
No, Brazil isn't ready for big events like World cup and Olympics games. There is a lot of work to do until Brazil be ready.
But like almost everything that happens in Brazil until 2014 we will be ready for World Cup even that we need to spend more and more money to accomplish it.
__ I will Try if I made a mistake with the english I'm sorry.
In the truth I guess that Brazil isn't ready for the cup, there is very things that Brazil need better, but let's give the country a chance.
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I don't think so.
In my opinion, Brazil is not ready to have a lot of people in airports, in road, in subway. Imagine what a mess a lot of people trying to get in somewhere, if in our daily routine it is hard, with a lot of people it'll be so much hard.
Brazil is not ready structurally and modernly speaking.
That's my opinion.