May I say: "An ungoodbye story" ?

Hello everybody!
Look, I know that the word "ungoodbye" don't even exist. But I've seen sometimes the movies, and stuff like that, people using words like:
Unmarried, undone, and unhappy.

So, I'm not asking if the word exist. I just wanted to know, if some native read this, he would understand, or if it wouldn't make any sense.
I made a song yesterday, where I tell a story of a happy couple, and I wanted to put it as the title, causa they never break up.

So, if anyone could help this poor guy, I appreciate it.

Thanks a lot!
See ya!

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Thomas 7 61 291
I am a native and, until reading your post, I had no idea what you meant.

"Ungoodbye" may be a good title for a song. Who says that people have to understand the title to enjoy the song? And after listening to the song. they will understand.

Years ago there was an excellent film entitled "The Goodbye Girl". What on earth did the title mean? Well, after you watch it, you understand the meaning. She was a girl who had lots of trouble with men. They were always saying "Gooodbye" to her. And then she met a guy who wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. No more goodbyes.

Good luck with your song writing.
Olha, Israel, eu não sou bom no inglês não, mas eu fiquei curioso e dei uma busca no Google e tem alguns resultados com gente brincando com a palavra, inclusive uma prosa num site de poesia.
Like you said, you know that the word "ungoodbye" does not exist and indeed it doesn't. Truly, it makes no sense at all. I read your description as in to how you want to use that word and my suggestion is that you use, "An Unending Story"..That simply implies the story never finishes. Another word for such situation is "Unbreakable" or in other words it can't be broken. I hope it helps...
Thank you so much!
You guys helped a lot.
Thanks Thomas, your opinion is very important. Thank you DudeSpell, for showing that I'm not the first freak to think in this word. LOL!
And thanks Brenda, for your suggestions of titles. They're pretty good, actually.

See ya! :D
Thomas 7 61 291
Post the lyrics.
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OK, sorry. Here it is:

An Ungoodbye Story

I never needed more of you
I never lived something so true
I'm having you beside me, sleeping on my pillow
while the sun is rising through the window

And now you have my heart
just, please, try not to break it
And now you are my life
It's time for us to face it

You're standing at your door watching me go home
But I already miss you, I call you on the phone
I don't think I'm still able to stay here all alone
In this moment I'm stable, but soon I'll be undone

And now you have my heart
just please, try not to break it
And now you are my life
It's time for us to face it

You are the prettiest person that I've ever seen
If this is a fairy tale I want to be your prince
My safest place is when I have you in my arms
My favorite place is here, by your side...

And now you have my heart
just please, try not to break it
And now you are my life
It's time for us to face it

If there's anything wrong, or sounding strange, please correct me.
B-bye! :D