Need a slave-teacher on-line

Hi there, I'm from Brazil and I really appreciate your opinion.

I usually listen to the same news or pods many times, then I try to write what I am listening and then I compare on the transcription's page if I did it right. After doing this for almost six months, I'd like to do something different. Writing while listening to, but now with no scripts to compare to. I've been noticed that I missed some words cause the dialogs are in native speed, but I understand most of the story atleast. I don't know if this is a sustainable strategy, what do you think?
( ) find a slave-teacher to correct my texts. On-line?
( ) Your strategy is wrong. It sucks;
( ) English course?
( ) You are crazy. Get out of here.
( ) Your opinion.

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"I've been noticed..." should have read "I've been noticing..." and no, I don't think you'll get a "slave-teacher" to correct your text. I suggest you submit your text to the "Correções de Textos [en>en]" section of the forum.

Good luck!
Probably it does not the trick. If I send my transcripts to this kinda group, they'll probably check if they are accurate or grammatically correct. That's not the point. The problem is: there are a lot of informal english, someone should also listen to the news, or pods, and then say is correct or not.