Take long: Como utilizar

Can I use the structure "to take long" this way:

- Why are you taking so long to do that? It is just a simple task.
- I don't wanna take too long in the library because I have an appointment.
- Windows is an operating system which usually takes longer to start than Mac OS.
- The flight took too long to get to the capital, so I missed the meeting with my boss.
- Brides almost always take too long to apply make-up. That's why they are usually late for the ceremony.

is "to take long" always used in negatives or questions?

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2 respostas
"Sorry! It took too long for me to understand your question, so I may be late in my answer."
Well, I think we can use "take long" in affirmative sentence too.
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It depends on context. For example your first sentence shows clearly that the one asking is impatient, so "why are you taking so long " is a seen in a negative way. It happens a lot, perhaps that´s why you developed "that feeling".
But it doesn´t have to be always that way.

If you say "it takes long" and it can answer a "how long does it takes to?..." question, then it doesn´t necessarily can be seen as a negative sentence.

Q- How long does it take to learn language in India?
A- It takes long to learn it, since in India there are at least 14 languages and hundreds of dialects...Anyway, you can stick to English in the major cities.

This doesn´t mean a negative statement, just express matter-of-factly something that is generally true, (= it takes awhile).