Tendência de "chinelada na cara" (maquiagem)

PPAULO 6 49 1.3k
"Crying makeup" trend, a buzzword with Tik Tokers sometime ago.

When is not applied around the eyes it can also be called "faux sunburn" look, the sort-of sunburnt face and nose...

This should be a March,8 thread, it's a bit late, ha ha ha. :-)

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Simon Vasconcelos 11 224
Chinelada na cara kkkkkk Gostei da tradução. Essa tendência está parecendo um legado da banda de rock Kiss.
PPAULO 6 49 1.3k
Brazilian are creative with language all the time, and so are makeup artists. LOL. :-)
Take cooks with their "chapéu de couro" cake ('leather hat') "bolinho de chuva" (Brazilian sweet dumpling, fritter & other ways).
Cf. Como dizer "Bolinho de chuva" em inglês

Car parts, with "carcará" (esguicho de água pro pára-brisa - windshield washer sprayer...

Ah, and please, Brazilian student don't try to transpose it into English as a 'slap slipper in the face', it doesn't work...and it would be a mistranslation altogheter.

I brought it up here as a 'curiousity' from the language used around here.

BTW, in English such idiosyncrasies, when I first read this page in that book - Secrets of Stylists: An Insider's Guide to Styling the Stars, by Sasha Charnin Morrison, that Maddona loved "wife-beaters" it sprung to my mind the imagery of some domestic violence! Soon it was clarified:
Madonna loved these tops, and I got her a men's small because the concept of women wearing men's garments wasn't even on the fashion radar...

Aah, "uma camiseta" regata! Now it's on the radar, there are plenty of husband-beaters all over America and beyond! :-)
Just kidding around, wives also dress wife-beaters.
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