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alguém poderia me ajudar a traduzir essa entrevista???sou muito ruim em entender inglês falado.Pode penas transcrever a entrevista e eu traduzo para o português.
agradeço a todos.
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EugenioTM 7 49
Well, last year I had some problems that I had to overcome. I like to look at them as obstacles and I feel it's good to learn from your mistakes perharps, if you want to call that, or problems. And I think a lot of that personal emotion came into the music this time around more than never. I've felt I was going against a lot of odds: the effect of there was very negative press, and a lot of people literally tried to drag my name, as a person, and as a band through the mud. And I feel like I'm back on top of things, and I feel I've bettered myself through of what I've had to do, and I feel that the album definatelly conveys ,uh, sort of a message.

I like to think that this is a whole new start for death, with the new record and hopefully new ? that people have from me and the band in general and, uhh, you know, I'm happy that we have finally had a video, I think videos are important for people to see the visual aspect of a person rather than just hearing it on an album. So I like to think this is hopefully a start of something, you know, that it's going to happen again. I'd like to do another one definatelly.

I'll try to finish it.