Where did we come from, and where are we going?

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Flavia.lm 4075 1 10 94
Question: Where did we come from, and where are we going?


- We came from a Creator;
- I believe in the big bang theory;
- It was an accident :shock:
- We’ll never have an answer.

Important: Once religious discussions are usually controversial, I gently ask you to express your opinion without judging the other colleagues’s points of view.

Now it's your turn!
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Donay Mendonça 61855 22 99 1502
Hi Folks,

I do believe we come from a non-material world where we learn the first things about our existence.Then we´re sent here to get rid of our imperfections and constantly improve.

"To be born, to die, to be reborn yet again, and constantly progress, that is the Law."

All the best,

Marcio_Farias 12580 1 23 212
donay mendonça escreveu:I do believe we come from a non-material world [...]
So do I.

I think just God knows... Because He is the primary cause of everything. I just know that I know nothing. :D

josneywat 315 6
I am a Trekkie and by that I believe there is an unimaginable world out there. Full of new life and new civilizations. "To boldly go where no man has gone before” should be everyone's mission on this planet. I don't mean travelling to outer space but seeking out the development of ourselves. One day we will be able to be pure energy. That's where I think we're headed for.

I believe in theory by The big bang, We came by evolution material.
We are here for born, grow up and died, only that.
When We were borned, We Know nothing, When We are growing up, We learn a lot of thing, but When We died, everything will delete and We became What We were When we borned.

I think how you answer a question like this is:"How do you feel when you listen to a song that you really like?"Yes how do you feel?I guess i feel like there's no end and no beginning.I mean,you feel yourself as a flux of energy.We humans tend to think to everything and that's not how the "universe" works,in fact the "universe" don't work at anyway.The important is keep living and make no such question.Everything has a limit and mathematics knows that,so that means we can trust it with limits. :lol:

leandrocs1310 25
Well, we came from the Creator, yes, God created us, later, we passed through the Primeval World and now we're in the World of Tests and Expiations, but before we prepare ourselves in the spiritual plane and we're going back to the spritual plane, and when we get the necessary evolution, we will go to another world.

felipeh6 2255 7 56

That's a hard question! I don't believe we'll get an answer so soon! At this moment, everything is "theory" or faith. I feel really lost when I think about it...


Lucas PAYNE 260 7
I just think about what I know.. I know that God created the world and it was where I came from of divine creation. how can I say it?
My mother and I went to church one day, she had cancer.
The pastor did not know us, pointed his finger at my mother and said, lady, God told me to tell you that he is healing your cancer today.
After this day the doctors could not explain what happened. some people say that's called a miracle. I call it God.

Danilo Henrique 5
In my opnion, we all are eternal spirits, experimenting the life's chalenges, seeking ourselves redemption. This life isn't our first or last physical experience. We'll repeat the life line at diferent conditions in future, as ever we did in past. Death is just a change. It isn't the end.
This cycle will repeat until we reach perfection.

Off course, I'm spirit.

Sorry people, i'm a begineer. Correct me, if necessary...


We came from nowhere, and we're going nowhere. I believe that all there's is now. Just enjoy!

I believe that nothing ends up, only changes to do always in search of new things.