Aesthetics Matter

Today I would like to talk to you about the importance of the aesthetics in our lives. We don’t realize it, but almost all of our choices are influenced by aesthetic considerations. Let me explain: when you buy a new car, what would be the most important thing you should pay attention to? Safety should be the most important factor or at least the second one. But it doesn’t happen; you choose a new car for its color and design. Thus, in that case, the aesthetics won in importance over the safety. Most people pay more for a more beautiful car, but not for a safer car. Why?Man likes beautiful things, we always did and still make choices along these lines, all the time, for instance, when we choose: a partner, software, a house and so on. However, there are those people that don’t pay attention for to that concept and human instinct, but assuredly aesthetics matter.

Take a look at the biggest companies in the world: Microsoft, Fiat, Apple. Their products have an incredible market share and already achieved an extremely high level of technology, now they are increasing the value of its their products by including an astonishing design. When the technology doesn’t make a difference the design becomes more important.

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Why is the iPod so successful? Think about it.

That’s all folks,

PS.: Thank you Mary Ziller for all corrections

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