Australian Accent - Sotaque australiano: Como aprender?

Hello everyone!

I have to do a statement (apresentação) orally about Australia, in my school. And I'd like to do this with an Australian accent, but I can't find nothing about this. Someone can help me?

Teach me, or send videos or links to me. Please.

Thank You! :D
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Clique aqui e saiba como baixar!
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Acredito que os vídeos a seguir possam ajudar:




Hi guys

I've just recorded an audio file using the website "audio boo" in which I (tried to!) gather some of the top expressions used in Australian English. Unlike other websites, the down side of "Audio boo" is that it just enables recordings of 3 min.

You'll see I got cut off at times and due to the short time allowed (3 min) I just could gather 3 expressions:

1. How is it going? 2. No worries 3. Ta (this is informal but as the recording is breaking up a little it sounds as if I had said formal :(

You'll also notice I did not get to finish recording the file - when I get a chance I intend to record another file.

Anyway...hope you like it :)
woops - downside should be one word!