Accent: From American to British

Hi everyone! Are you guys ok? I hope so :)
Could you help me a bit? Is it too hard to have a transition from American accent to the British one? I’m willing to take the risk and do it so, but I really would like to know how hard will be and how you guys who went through the same thing figure it out and accomplished this.
Cheers :)
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Redseahorse 12275 2 19 247
I don't think so! Once you habitually get in close touch with an accent. It's somewhat easy to lose/acquire different accents.

Look, accent and pronunciation aren't exactly the same thing. Honestly, I think that the 'false need' of acquiring a native/non-native English accent is a tremendous nonsense issue. Just saying...

ApInglesSozinho 20
Bom dia. I agree with Redseahorse don't change your accent, it is a waste of time. In general Brazilians have very good pronunciation so it isn't something to worry about, even though a lot of students do worry.

The most common pronunciation error is '-ed' endings so you can work on those,

The other one is office, it is "of-fiss" with English pronunciation.

But don't worry about your accent. However if you are moving to Ireland/UK then you will probably have problems understanding the different accents, infelizmente.

There are huge differences in accents, even when you travel 50Km that accent can be totally different.

Check out celebs on YouTube like Danny Dyer [London-ish], Conor McGregor [Dublin], Boxer Carl Frampton [Belfast], footballer Jamie Carragher [Liverpool], comedian Kevin Bridges [Glasgow].

The Glasgow accent can be difficult for natives to understand!