Como dizer "não pergunte se sou capaz..." em inglês

hello eveyone!

how do I say "não pergunte se sou capaz, dê-me a missão." in english?

must I use "can" or "be able"?

thanks in advance

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Thomas 7 61 290
Don't ask if I know what I am doing, just tell me what you want done.
Don't ask if I can do it, just tell me what to do.
Don't ask about my qualifications, just give me the job.
Don't ask if I can get the job done, just tell me what the job is.
what about "don't ask me if I can do something, just give me a mission." ?
Thomas 7 61 290
My personal feeling is that "mission" in English sounds very formal, very pretentious. Missions include saving the planet, ending world hunger, attacking Nazi-held Europe, going to the moon, finding a cure for cancer, finding an honest poilitician, etc. What is the mission? Selling shoes? Designing an "Open" sign for the front door? Re-organizing the mailroom?
hello guys!
thanks for answering my question.

there is no such mission. I meant you can say me to do anything. it does not matter if I'll sell shoes, as Thomas said, or will be at war. I want it to mean something in general. isn't mission appropriate if I am military?

thanks again.