Como dizer "Segurança jurídica" em inglês

Eu já vi traduções para legal certainty, mas esse princípio parece estar ligado com a literalidade da lei. A segurança jurídica estaria atrelada à ausência de surpresas no âmbito jurídico acerca de uma ação. A ausência de segurança de jurídica ocorreria se duas câmaras dos tribunais decidissem de maneira diversa o mesmo caso.

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Donay Mendonça 22 107 1.6k
Sim, a opção legal certainty é correta para dizer isso em inglês.

Legal certainty: Segurança jurídica

Ex.: Legal certainty is the principle that a legal system be predictable and transparent. It is considered a protection that guarantees that the law will not be used in an arbitrary way. Legal certainty is considered important to the rule of law as citizens who perceive the law as fair and comprehensible may be more likely to follow it. Absence of legal certainty is characteristic of a legal system that has become a tool of a political elite or that has simply fallen into decay to the point that there is a wide difference in decisions from one district or judge to the next. (Legal Certainty)

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PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
I agree with Donay, Legal Certainty is the best way to express that.

That would not be because two courts have diverging decisions/rulings (a higher court may differ from a lower one - more so with new elements are found), but because there are flaws in the statutes and laws (vagueness or not being binding for example - among other causes).