Como dizer "Visível no seu rosto" e "tá na cara" em inglês

anita 13
Hi, there! How can I say: Sua preocupação está visível no seu rosto? "Your worry is visible on your face"??? Is that ok?
Thanks in advance!

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anita 13
By the way, is there any difference between worry and preoccupation?
Donay Mendonça 22 107 1.6k


You look worried
I can tell you are worried by the look on your face. ... elves.html

Bons estudos!
anita 13
Thank you, Donay! Nice ones!
maryziller 1 2
anita escreveu:By the way, is there any difference between worry and preoccupation?
Yes, to be preoccupied means to be distracted by something that takes all of your attention and does not let you focus on other things. You can be so preoccupied with plans for a joyous event such as an important party or celebration that you forget to take the muffins out of the oven and they burn.

Being worried means having a bad feeling about a situation or what will happpen to you or someone you care about.
Mothers worry when they are concerned about their children's development or when children come home late without telling their mother. Mothers usually cannot afford to be preoccupied because the have to stay alert to insure that their children are safe.
Tim Barrett 2 4 29
- I can tell by your face that you are worried. [visível no rosto]
- Is it that obvious? [tá na cara]