Correção de texto: How to become financially successful

How to become financially successful nowadays?
It is difficult to become wealthy currently. The world is changing fast. Life during millennia used to be almost the same, but in the last fifty years life has changed dramatically. Now even a simple task like crossing the street requires that one should have a reasonable amount of knowledge about how to live in a metropolis. Many subjects like technology, science, medecine, psychology, business administration etc, are evolving quickly. It has become more difficult to live because a person should know much information related to these subjects. The human being theoretically should study all the time in order to keep updated with world events. Nonetheless, even if an individual studies the whole day, there is a chance that he or she may make the wrong decisions and go bankrupt. A person could study for years and offer a service that nobody longer wants because the machines replace the man or the competitor provides a more effective and more economical alternative. One should learn psychology in order to contol oneself and be prepared because sooner or later he or she is likely going to make a mistake; therefore, one should be able to control one’s reactions. At the present moment, approximately a quarter of the world possesses all the finacial resources of our planet; however, many scientists predict that poverty could increase, and the few become even richer. Nevertheless, one must do their best in order to be successful, live a happy life and try to improve society.

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