Don’t Get Caught Using These Banned Words in 2012

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(DETROIT) — Before passing comment on someone’s “baby bump,” take a pregnant pause. Likewise, give up promoting “shared sacrifice.” And if you’re tempted to proclaim your desire to “win the future,” you’ve lost it here in the present.

Michigan’s Lake Superior State University is featuring those phrases in its annual List of Words Banished from the Queen’s English for Misuse, Overuse and General Uselessness. The 2012 list, released Friday, was compiled by the university from nominations submitted from across the globe.

What else do the syntactical Scrooges want to cast out with the good cheer in the new year? The list also includes “occupy,” “ginormous,” “man cave” and “the new normal.”

In all, a dozen words or phrases made the 37th end-of-the year list. The list started as a publicity ploy by the school’s public relations department on New Year’s Day 1976, and has since generated tens of thousands of nominations.

(LIST: Top 10 Buzzwords of 2011)

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Henry Cunha 3 18 183
Great post, Jim!
jlmmelo 12 95
Many thanks, D. Henry Cunha!
Marcio_Farias 1 24 213
What does the D in Henry Cunha mean?
jlmmelo 12 95
Admiro muito Henry Cunha, indivíduo de extraordinária potência intelectual, grande experiência e pesquisador incansável no fórum para responder os tópicos (ver "Fale sobre você" e seus posts). Como ainda não lhe concederam o título de "Sir" o chamo de Dom Henry Cunha, por enquanto. (Dom, D. d. - do latim dominu, 'senhor').
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Should overused words be banished?

Earlier this week NPR’s All Things Considered announced what they called the 2011 Banished Words of the Year. Compiled by a former journalist at Lake Superior State University in Michigan, the list is an inversion of the 2011 most important words list. ...

Read the full list of banished words, going back to 1975, here.

The most offending words of 2011 were:
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Henry Cunha 3 18 183
Thanks for the kind words, Jim. I enjoy this forum, and learn from it too! Many of the questions are quite interesting. In particular, I'm always curious to understand what exactly is causing a given language difficulty and what is the best way to explain it.

Some researcher should take the entire corpus of the forum and do an analysis to categorize the kinds of problems and spell out some implications for language teaching and learning. I think it would be a great project.
jlmmelo 12 95
The words you want to banish in 2012
Some of our favorite suggestions for additions are:
Ask (as a noun)
Not gonna lie
What others would you include? And what less-used words would you suggest that people replace the banished terms with? Let us know.
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