Where the hell is Matt - 2012

Avatar do usuário Tiago Tafari Catelam 95 1
For those who haven't yet seen the latest "Where the hell Is Matt" video, here it goes:

A must see! ;)
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Avatar do usuário Frank Florida 210 5
Thanks for sharing Tiago! I hadn't seen those videos in a while... I'll post some of the older ones below for those who don't know them yet. They really inspired me back in the day when I had let myself get complacent!

There was also an interview with him (video #5 in my post), where he talks about how easy it is to travel the world. Quote: "You can do whatever you want with your life... if you don't want to go to the office at 9 in the morning, there's no lock on the cage!" That is so true guys.





Avatar do usuário Tiago Tafari Catelam 95 1
That was a cool interview indeed. I remember watching it a couple of years ago. This one was also quite funny:


Epic quote: "I quit my job making video games because I realized I wasn't very good at it... and I realized I was good at traveling and I enjoyed it quite a lot!" - LMAO!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

By the way, I am reading your articles Frank. They are awesome and really inspiring! You must have a ton of incredible stories to tell! Please, don't hesitate in filling us in with more stories!!

Best regards.
Avatar do usuário Frank Florida 210 5
Haa... I hadn't seen this one before, thanks for the share! Though I remember that Matt claimed it was all a Hoax in January 2009 - which made no sense at all because it's a lot cheaper to travel the world than it is to put an airplane into a swimming pool! But yeah he clarified a few days later that it was just a joke and the videos are indeed real.
Matt Hardin escreveu:I think some folks are gun shy because there really are a lot of hoaxes on the internet. And I think it's caused people to build up a defense mechanism where they immediately declare things to be fake so as not to risk seeming foolish or gullible. It's generally easier to believe something is fake than to believe it's real.

And I think there are some people--and I'd stress the word some--who are driven by insecurity and would prefer not to be reminded of the larger world they're a part of and its vast possibilities.

Truer words have never been spoken... Anything is possible if we believe in it and make it happen.

And thanks for the compliments Tiago! I'll be writing a lot more soon, for sure... you can count on it. ;)
Greetings from Thailand to New Zealand mate!

~ Frank ~