Exercício: I wish I was x I wish I were

I wish I_ as rich as Onassis! I would be very happy!

O gabarito da questão é was, mas já vi em alguns lugares o uso do were. Pq não é possível nesse caso? Abç!
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Ompare the following two cases:

(1) If he was from another planet ...
(2) If he were from another planet ...

Clause (1) says "He may or may not be from another planet, but let's consider the case in which he, in fact, is". Clause (2), on the other hand, says "He most certainly is NOT from another planet. Ha ha,
That's impossible. Still, let's just imagine what would happen if that impossible circumstance were realised".

In other words, you say WERE to imply that the condition is impossible. As in "If I were you..

If he were from another planet; if he were God;

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Achei também na net : Hi, the rule here is not related to "I was" or "I were" but with "wish" structure, which always refers to a plural form of "Be" = "I wish I were there", "I wish you were here", "I wish she were here" and so forth.