Exercício: Texto em Inglês com Falsos Cognatos

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Confira um texto em inglês com falsos cognatos. Leia e melhore o seu conhecimento no idioma.

1. Texto - Text

Terrific food

John's wife is a terrific cook. She makes terrific food. She is one of the best cooks in town. Her name is Anna, and she is a housewife. She loves preparing all sorts of foods: beef, pork, fish, pie, salads, and so on.

Actually, John and Anna are thinking of starting a food business. They are going to talk to their parents to see if they agree. John's father is the mayor of the city and his opinion is extremely important.

John studied business in college, so this is going to be useful in their new entrepreneurship.

This week they're going to have a party at their large house and invite a lot of people, including John's father (the mayor), so that they can talk about their idea.

2. Responda - Answer

São falsos cognatos no texto:

A. Terrific - sort - beef - actually - large
B. Terrific - beef - parents - food - large
C. Terrific - college - new - mayor - business
D. Terrific - large - invite - college - new
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