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The canoe

In a wide river, difficult to traverse, there was a boatman who crossed people from one side to the other
On one of the trips were a lawyer and a teacher. As someone who likes to talk a lot, the attorney asks to boatman:
- My dear, do you understand about laws?
- No sir, answered the boatman.
And the lawyer, compassionate:
- It's a shame ... You lose half of your life!
The boatman replied nothing.
The teacher, very social, joins the conversation:
- Your boatman, do you know read and write?
- I don't know mis. - answers the boatman.
- What a shame ... Feel compassion for him, the teacher:
- You lose half your life!
Suddenly, a wave strong enough arrives and turns the boat.
The boatman worried, asks:
- You know how to swim?
- No! - They answered quickly.
- What a pit... - Concludes the boatman.
You lost a lifetime!

There's no more or less knowing, there are differents knowledges.
All professions are worthy and should be respected.
Think about it and value all the people around you, there is much that we can learn from each other.

By Paulo Freire

Traduzido e adaptado de: catequese católica

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Today I'll have a different day, , learn with my co-workers,share good feelings and keep my mind opened.

Thank you for this post.