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Simon Vasconcelos 7 89
In the early days of The View, the show was the perfect forum for political debate. But the host lineup has changed dramatically – gone are the empathetic Meredith Vieira and the colorful Star Jones. In are Goldberg and the token conservative, Hasselbeck. Walters, older and less with it, drifts in and out. The intelligence has been diluted and the shoutiness amplified. More often than not, the hour of The View resembles a Real Housewives reunion without the moderator.
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Sra_Tradutora 6 75
I'm sorry I can't provide a translation in Portuguese, but here is an explanation.

to be with it = to be socially or culturally up-to-date

to drift in and out = to not have a constant, full-time presence (on the show)

Barbara Walters is old (she just turned 83) and is not as informed about what is going on in the world as she used to be. She is probably not proficient in the modern tools that journalists use today. And this explains why she does not appear in every episode of the show.
Telma Regina 9 61 591
"Walters, older and less with it, drifts in and out." - Walters, mais velha e não tão a par dos acontecimentos, entra e sai do assunto.
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