Tradução de "shaking off the wind coming my way"

"I don't want to show you my weaknesses, so I push forward, shaking off the wind coming my way."
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... shaking off the wind coming my way. livrando dos problemas que têm (me*) aparecido.

*uso corrente e comum no dia-a-dia, com o sentido de "que tem aparecido pra mim."

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"Shake off the wind" sounds like an expression of "getting rid of something that nags/annoys you".
Well, for the time being I prefer to think so.

What is being told is the final story woven into this legend—-

The girl knew everything.
While shouldering it all she raised her voice the moment she was in full bloom.

Her figure was like a flower: beautiful, yet fleeting.

The stress of the witch’s curse;
the stress of the late heroes;
the darkness haunting her heart;
each of them tore at her beautiful petals.

When the final petal was about to be snipped off,
her friends intervened.

But she slipped past those hands
and threw herself into the raging battlefront.

Flowers are bound to wilt.
No one can stop it from happening.
They won’t struggle in the wind, but become offerings to the earth.

As her body was torn apart, the girl realised:
the feelings that sprouted during her journey,
the feelings that she had given to others,
and the feelings that had filled her since her childhood.

Shaking off the wind, the girl stretched out her hands.

"I won’t become someone else’s will.
Please, with those hands of yours, take away these chains that bind my body”

That was the last lone petal’s final stuggle———.

Albeit the poetical language, I think it´s used in that meaning.
In general, you can think of "shaking off" as the jerky movement(s) to remove a (somewhat) clinging object, water, dust, sand, etc. In short, something that annoys or causes some kind of problem or, even if it´s a minor one.

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