Stop crying your heart out - Tradução em português

Hi everybody!

What's the meaning of these two expressions?

"Stop crying your heart out"
"I've cried my eyes out"

Thanks in advance! =)

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Marcio_Farias 1 24 213
Deh, the entire forum welcomes you in advance.

To cry one's heart out one must have experienced/suffered a very unfortunate event in life, one so bad or unfortunate as to literally melt one into tears.

To stop crying one's heart out one must have quit experiencing it.

I've cried my eyes out = I've endured so great a hardship as to literally see my eyes jump out of their orbit into the big puddle of tears left below. This also has a lot to do with or stems from experiencing/suffering a very unfortunate experience in life, e.g., the sudden and tragic death of one's most beloved uncle, the sudden loss of all water on the planet, and getting dumped by one's cheating girlfriend, to say the least.
I got it!
Thank you so much, Marcio!