What are the main problems in the city you live in?

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Avatar do usuário Flavia.lm 3960 1 9 90
Question: What are the main problems in the city you live in?


- There's a slogan for my city: "Visit Santo André - and get a traffic fine". --> I've already gotten some;
- There is a river - Tamanduateí - that crosses the city. Ten minutes of rain is enough for it to burst its banks and block the whole city;
- It has one the highest car-robbery rates in Greater Sao Paulo, and for this reason the car insurance is a complete rip-off;
- Violence. I've been robbed three times. Last time police was fast enough to kill one of the f¨!$#@>)*!% guys :twisted:

Even so, I do like to live there!

Now it's your turn!
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Hi, Flavia

I live in Rio de Janeiro and I think the main problems are violence and precarious health system.
Maybe one day everything will be resolved.

Avatar do usuário maryziller 315 1 1
The main problem in the city where I live is blight. Due to the economic crisis many stores have closed their doors. A developer wanted to take over the historic part of the city, tear down the historic buildings, and build a parking garage and shoping center. The residents fought the developers and won, but more and more businesses are closing, and unfortunately empty display windows or boarded up store fronts are tarnishing the historic center.

Avatar do usuário Logan18 30
Bella escreveu:Hi, Flavia

I live in Rio de Janeiro and I think the main problems are violence and precarious health system.
Maybe one day everything will be resolved.
I also live in RJ, but there are much more problems to talk about like these:

-Big holes in the main avenues.
-Heavy traffic of cars and bus.
-Not good system of train.
-Bad public administration.
-Bad provide of education.

I really like to live here but these problems drives me crazy sometimes. Rio de Janeiro isn't good enough, maybe it was the wonderful city.

Avatar do usuário Marcio_Farias 12510 1 23 210
No reasonable safety for those who wish to take a stroll out at 3 a.m. with a million Reals in one's pockets here as my niece's Massachusettian husband realized after he landed here for the second time.

I've already fell victim to three different thieves on three different times. The first time a couple of young men carjacked me and my father up to two different ATM's for money. When they felt they had enough money from us they dropped us off at some point of South BR 101 on the outskirst of Jaboatão dos Guararapes-PE.

Then, years later, these two kids leveled some bottle glass shards at the underside of my chin while my car idled in a traffic jam and demanded my wristwatch. I handed it over to them.

The third time some thieves set up a kind of checkpoint on a narrow back road. I had to stop as they stuck up the car next in front of mine. Then one of the thieves "casually" walked up to me and demanded, "Me dá o celular!" I handed it over to him. Curiously enough, there on the next corner stood stationed a police patrol car, its overhead lights blinking lazily. They apparently couldn't or didn't see a thing nor realized that a robbery was in progress beyond the corner! Still a bit traumatized, I drove right past them but stopped under a by-pass to report the robbery to yet another stationed police patrol car.

Eu: "Boa tarde".
Policial: "Boa tarde."
Eu: "Tão assaltando logo ali na esquina... Me levaram o celular..."
Policial: "O senhor deve se dirigir à delegacia mais próxima e prestar queixa..."
Eu: "Obrigado..." :-(

Avatar do usuário Marcio_Farias 12510 1 23 210
As Flavia requested, here goes the English version of the exchange the one of the thieves, the cops and I had:

First exchange. A thief says:
"Me dá o celular!" (Hand me the cell phone!)

Second exchange. The cops and I say:

Me: "Good afternoon".
Police officer: "Good afternoon."
Me: "They're stealing cell phones right around the corner... they took my cell phone..."
Police officer: "Sir, you must drive to the next preccint and report the robbery there..."
Me: "Thank you (officer)..." :-(

Avatar do usuário Gustavo Dias 25

I live in a small town in North Parana. And it's main problem are a lot of holes in the streets, and dirty.

Well, I live in SP and, indeed the main problem is traffic, but I've gotten around it commuting by motorbyke. :twisted: :twisted:

I live em Jundiaí (SP) and I guess the main problems are transit, public transportation and public health system.
But, i love live here.
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Avatar do usuário w.slayman 110
Boa Tarde,

I am an American and live in Pensacola, Florida with my wife Cristina who is a native of Jundiai, SP. I am 66 years old, like to ride my Harley Davidson, take photographs, and visit Brasil. I must apologize as I can only speak a little Portuguese can read less and write even less than I can read. :oops:

The most serious problem in Pensacola is that the state, county, and city governments do not know how to manage money, and have spent or committed to spend more than they have. As a result the politicans now want to inrease taxes so they can continue to spend money in a wasteful manner.

The second most serious problem is the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the oil is due to hit our beaches late today or tomorrow, and will devestate the local economy when the fish and birds are killed and our sugar white sand beaches become an oily mess. Many people have lost their jobs already, because of the tourists are not coming due to the threat of the oil. The economic loss will be very high as about 50% of the local economy is based on tourism and fishing both sport and commercial.

The third most serious problem in Pensacola is the rising crime rate especially in the less affluent parts of the city, but this is a common problem world wide.

The last problem in my opinion is that from the time I leave my house it takes me at least 19 hours to fly to Sao Paulo, so I can not visit Brasil as often as I would like. However we are planning to go Sao Paulo, Jundiai, Paraty, and Fox do Iguacu in January and February 2011.

If any one would like to communicate with me by e-mail you can send messages to w.slayman@hotmail.com .

Bill Slayman