Trava-Línguas em inglês: as pronúncias do B, S e TH

RepeatHi, this is Jason Bermingham—with a bit of a cold this week! Today we continue our study of tongue-twisters with three short warm-up exercises taken from the book Voiceovers: Techniques and Tactics for Success by author and voice-over artist Janet Wilcox.

The first warm-up will help you with the b sound, the second with the s sound, and the third with the th sound.

Make sure you click on the audio link and follow along. You should repeat each line after me.

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Let’s start with the b sound.

Big black bears

Bake brownies while breathing

Back black smoke

Good. Now let’s work on the s sound

Snakes smile so sweetly

When they see shiny

Snails sitting on the


OK. Finally, let’s work on the th sound.

Thank Theodore for

Those thatched roofs and

Thick thistles without thorns

Thorns, Thaddeus

I’m Jason Bermingham on English Experts. We’ll have more tongue-twisters next week.


Jason Bermingham

Jason Bermingham já gravou locuções em inglês para a Samsung, Itaú, Banco Real, TV Cultura, MTV International, São Paulo Turismo, Oxford University Press e CNA, entre outros. Ele empresta a sua voz aos tweets diários da revista SpeakUp.

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    Your voice is so beautiful and clear. Thank you for this exercise. I like it a lot!
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    I like this exercise plaese put more things for next week

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    Tambem gostei muito das dicas,mais ainda tenho duvidas se tem duas formas de fonemas do ”th”.Gostaria se fosse possivel uma explicação.Obrigada

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    Jason, your accent is very good ! Congratulations! Your blog is terrific ! So, I’m English teacher and I need your tongue twister – Woodchuck, how can I get it ? Thank you for attention ! ;)

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    Please , I would like to record this tonge twisters
    to practice during may jogging , how can I do that.