Um Pouco Sobre a Irlanda

Oi, pessoal. Na sexta-feira passada eu conversei por MSN com um leitor do blog que está morando na Irlanda. O nome dele é Milton Leal. Ele é jornalista no Brasil e resolveu interromper sua carreira por um ano para aprender inglês e vivenciar novas experiências em um país pouco conhecido no Brasil, mas ao mesmo tempo muito similar. Eu pedi para o Milton escrever um pouco sobre a experiência de morar em um outro país. Segue abaixo o texto enviado por ele. Small, but fantastic island, welcome to Ireland

“What’s the craic?”, say everyone in Ireland, mainly in Dublin City. Do you know what it means? You probably don’t, just like me when I first arrived here. I couldn’t imagine or even guess what it might mean (I didn’t have a clue), or how many new expressions and customs I would learn. Nowadays lots of Brazilians are coming to study and work in Ireland. The reasons are obvious. This small island (beside the UK) is part of the European Union and it’s growing up a lot every year. Here we’ve got the best salary rates, like 8.65 Euros per hour. Unfortunately, we’ve got the highest cost of living in Europe, but it is possible to earn much more than you spend. Certainly, Ireland isn’t the best place to study English, because the Irish accent is really difficult. But if you study hard and understand the differences in pronunciantion, you can be successful and improve your English. When I came to Ireland I really didn’t speak much English. I remember when I got off the plane, I spent an hour in the airport trying find the exit. I didn’t know how to ask about that. The Irish people are very similar to us. Most of them love parties and drinking. The people are warm and cordial. There’re lots of pubs around the city, like Botequins in Brazil. The traditional beer in Ireland is an Irish black beer called Guinnes. The Irish have been drinking it since 1759. They are very proud of it. If you want to visit Ireland, don’t hesitate. Hop on a plane and come! I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself. By the way, “What’s the craic” means: “How are you”. Cheers! (Thank you in Ireland and UK)

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